Carla is committed to fair election management

Accurate, Timely Tax and Vital Records Management

Carla walks the walk for all of Lake County

Carla Wyckoff brings knowledge, fairness, accuracy, and efficiency to the Clerk's office every day.

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As we approach Election Day 2018

This is a very important and busy time for your Lake County Clerk's Office.  Our work to make voting as simple and secure as possible, along with the logistics and training of election judge's is a very consuming process. We have compiled everything we...
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Ensuring the Integrity of our Election Process

I am working hard to prevent any one from attacking Lake County voter registration records or from interfering with tabulating election results. I am also urging voters to work equally hard and take advantage of all information sources to be thoroughly and...
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What the Flag Means to Me

I was raised to respect and honor the American Flag. Anyone who knows me personally, knows that red, white and blue are more than just colors for me.  My family roots can be traced far back to the founders of our great nation, and as a proud World War II...
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New Sneakers for a New Campaign

It’s time to break in the new walking shoes. Those of you who followed my Campaign for Lake County Clerk three years ago will recognize the older, worn-out version of my “campaign shoes." They walked many miles across Lake County in parades, canvassing...
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Carla Wyckoff Running for Re-election in 2018

Lake County Clerk Carla Wyckoff is committed to continuing to serve the citizens with experience, knowledge, integrity and her proven dedication to accurate, efficient records and elections. The campaign committee is gearing up for the formal announcement...
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Committed to serving Lake County with:

  • Fair elections.
  • Accurate and timely tax extension and redemption.
  • Scrupulous maintenance of vital records.
  • Excellent customer service to all residents.
Carla Wyckoff

Lake County Clerk

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