Parts of an opinion essay

The opinion essay has the same characteristics as the argumentative essay, with the difference that in this essay, personal opinion is given more importance than that of other authors.

Introduction: part from the beginning with the personal view of the subject, includes questions or direct statements about it.

Development: the breakdown of the topic is carried out continuously argued, the author explains why he thinks in this way and what he thinks the impact that the situation studied is causing in the environment.

This type of essay is usually brief, which is why sometimes they constitute good opinion articles and are usually presented in the daily press or in opinion portals.

Conclusion: the author closes with his idea and his direct contribution to the topic, without mediating more reasons than the ones made in his own arguments.

Parts of a reflective essay

Reflective essay allows the author to make an analysis of a topic while reflecting on it. They are usually used for spiritual, environmental or that seek to raise awareness about a particular point.

Introduction: it is done presenting the theme and describing a little the reality of the situation.

Development: part of the contextualization of the situation and its positive or negative influence in a given sector. From there, the author is free to reflect on the same, using his personal arguments as well as those of other authors.

This type of text requires constant questions that interrogate the reader and make him self-answer as he progresses in reading and begins to be part of the reflective process of the author.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis type of text is to seek that the reader be questioned and also reflect on their own role as an individual in the face of the situation that arises.

Conclusion: the closure of this type of essays directly addresses the reader, questions him while inviting him to act in favor of the line of thought that has been presented. It is a call to reflection and action in order to improve the problems raised.

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